Causes Of Dry Skin And Natural Skincare Tips

The human body can survive without a spleen, appendix, one kidney or even without the gall bladder, but it can never survive without its skin, and that is why it is of great importance to take proper care of it. There are several reasons you can develop a dry skin, and in this article we’ll try to cover the most common ones and also provide you with some natural tips to overcome this condition.

Side Effects Caused By Medication

Whenever we get sick, we turn to medication to feel better and get back on our feet. But it can happen that a certain medicine causes a side effect in our body that leads to dry skin and irritation. It’s always important to read prescriptions and understand all the possible side effects a certain pill can have on your body. Even something as simple as a headache pill can trigger such a reaction, so it’s wise to be properly informed about side effects and not to panic when they happen.

Lack Of A Balanced Nutrition

Nutrition is very important because if not balanced, it can lead to a very unhealthy body. And an unhealthy body will have lower energy, a weaker immune system and overall make you more susceptible to getting sick. It can also cause dry skin, especially if the diet is heavily one sided, for example it’s common in vegetarians as they can lack protein and fat intake that is essential to a balanced and healthy diet.  Some foods to avoid include fried/fast food, caffeine, high sugar intake, or an excess of high fat dairy products. Keep a balanced diet and you’ll get rid of dry skin naturally!

Drinking Water For Better Skin

This might seem too simple to work, but sometimes it’s the common things that make all the difference. Some people replace water with sugary beverages and this takes a toll on your body and skin. Start drinking water on a daily basis, and it will not only help with your dry skin but also with wrinkles and acne if you have that as well.

While balancing our diet and drinking more water will definitely help, with age we are expected to do a bit more when it comes to getting rid of dry skin naturally. Skin moisturizers can help a great deal, just be sure you’re getting a natural one, as anything with chemicals will actually lead to more wrinkles and might not even help your skin condition. Make sure to check the ingredients listed and choose a skin moisture that is all natural, the results will be better and longer lasting.

Natural Creams For Wrinkles

If you want to get rid of wrinkles without going the Botox route, an anti-wrinkle cream might be a better, healthier choice, and also significantly cheaper. It will take more time for it to show the desired results, but it is the recommended alternative to a more aggressive treatment. A cream is only applied to the skin surface granting rejuvenation in a non intrusive way compared to a Botox treatment. Obviously, it is again important to go for natural ingredients if looking for the best possible results.

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Lose Weight Without Developing Sagging Skin

If you’ve recently lost an important amount of weight, you are well on your way of achieving the figure you’ve been dreaming of, but usually there is one small inconvenience that occurs as a result, and that is sagging skin. Now this may not happen to you if you’re in your early 20’s, as you could lose 30-40 pounds in a few months and your skin would bounce back without many stretch marks, but as you advance with age, this can become a problem.

So let’s learn how to lose weight and avoid developing sagging skin in the process, if we’re over 40 years old.

Losing significant amounts of weight when we get older will most certainly lead to sagging skin, as our skin loses a certain amount of elasticity with age, and this is completely normal. A simple way to counter this right off the bat is to avoid losing high amounts of weight in short periods of time. If you’re not 20 years anymore, you have to understand that dropping so many pounds in a few weeks or months is not only much harder and much demanding on your body, but also a lot less healthy. The easy solution to this is to lose small amounts of weight gradually in time. Instead of going for 20 less pounds in one month, try going for 1-2 pounds per week.

Sure, it’s slower and it will take more time and discipline, but the end result will be worth it. Not only will your figure look better, you’ll be healthier and your skin won’t suffer as much in the process, because it’s been given the chance to re-adjust.

The way you shape your diet is crucial for this to work however. Don’t make the mistake of eliminating protein from your diet, as losing body muscle on top of your body fat will undoubtedly cause your skin to sag. The skin needs to cover your muscles instead of the fat, and losing both will have a negative effect on your look and your skin.

Staying hydrated will also greatly help with skin elasticity, and water is your best choice here. If you can pick dead skin off of your forearms it means you are not getting enough water intake and your skin decays as a result. Especially if you’re dieting and over 40, make sure to have a proper balance of vitamins, proteins and water intake for your body while combining that with daily exercise to naturally lose weight.

Take vitamins as you do cardio exercises for weight loss and weight training for growing body muscle. This will help your body better cope with the whole process, and it will give your skin a glowing natural look.

Follow all of this advice when losing weight and your looks and health will greatly improve as a result!

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Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone wants to have nice soft and healthy skin, and that is why we are usually prepared to go through a variety of products that promise to help make our skin moist and young. But while doing this will usually help improve your skin, there are several common mistakes you can make that can actually have the complete opposite result, leaving you frustrated and disillusioned with your skin care efforts.

Ideally, you need to be aware of what your skin actually needs to be healthy, and with that in mind, here are several frequent mistakes people make, and how you can avoid them:

Less Is More

You might be tempted to over use some products in an effort to get faster results, but this is actually the wrong way to approach skin care. This is valid for any type of lotion or anti-acne cream, and you should always use less product whenever possible. The way these work is, they get absorbed into the skin, helping the affected areas to heal, however, if you use too much, you create an excess and that can have unhealthy results, such as a bigger acne eruption. Make sure you allow your skin to breathe and heal.

Research Product Quality

When getting a skin care product, never go for the first thing that pops up without learning more about it first. It is imperative you read the label, the ingredients and the instructions of how to most effectively apply it. Do your due diligence and search for online reviews of that product to see what other people have to say about it, and make sure the ingredients are natural, non chemical ones like potassium hydroxide. A lot of people just get the first product that appeals to them without doing proper research, only to be left frustrated with the results.

Lack Of Consistency

This is why reading ‘instructions of use’ for every product you purchase is vital. Another common mistake people make is using that product randomly and sporadically. You need to be consistent as with any type of treatment, and use the cream as often as described on the box, no more, no less. So if it’s once per day, make sure to apply it once every day for as long as specified to get the desired results. If it’s once in the morning and once before going to bed, remember that and stay consistent. This is the only way you’ll ever get proper results in the specified time frame.

Wear Sun Block

If you sit in the sun without protection, you’re going to have a bad time. Wearing sun block is absolutely essential to your skin’s health, and you should always use sun screen to avoid burning of the skin. An SPF of at least 40 is recommended if you plan on sitting in the sun all day, and reapplying it after you get out of the water is also a must, as coming in contact with water diminishes the effects.

Hopefully you can now identify the more common mistakes you can make when taking care of your skin, and avoid making them. Always try to go for natural products, and always read labels. Stay informed, consistent and your skin will thank you for it.

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